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Twin Flame • Ice Jade Green

Twin Flame • Ice Jade Green

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The Twin Flame features a distinct dual-candle design, perfectly suited to accommodate two 21mm candles. 

The stone cutouts perfectly hold two candles, giving the illusion they are inset. Whether placed on a mantel, dining table, or bedroom nightstand, Twin Flame is a sculptural pieces that adds a touch of refinement and interest.

80mm H x 120mm W 30mm D 

Care Instructions

For decorative indoor use only

All of our products are completely handcrafted and/or natural; they're unique just like us. Being a natural product the texture, colour, vein, and grain may vary. We make no representation or guarantee that any product will appear exactly as any another.

Wood Care:

Our Natural timber, especially reclaimed or recycled timbers change and shift over time. Avoid placing in direct sunlight, this can create signs of fading or colour change. We recommend the use of coasters and placemats to prevent damage and cleaning up spills immediately.

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